“Justice shines under the smoky roofs and honors the honorable lives”– ESCHIL

Professional duties of the advocate make him develop their capacity of discovering the truth, putting it forward and exposing it to others and the art and ability of performing as an advocate in front of the Court and win through the triumph of goodness and truth are supreme. Holding this power draws as well the duty to put it into practice to help others. Those who are meant to be lawyers are not allowed to hide their talent.

The advocate mission cannot be reduced to the courtroom and does not end the moment the final and irrevocable decision has been passed, but it expands into all the business organized by people, finding his limits only when his assistance isn’t necessary any longer in order to improve people’s life.


Wanting to come in support of clients, regardless of the nature of the legal problems encountered we offer legal by services approaching each particular case promptly, professionally and certainty as to current legal texts will be interpreted in order to produce the necessary legal. Services provided by law cabinet consist in specific activities the status conferred by the completion in the profession of law:

  • consultations and legal advice;
  • legal assistance and representation before courts, law enforcement criminal investigation isolator bodies authorities with jurisdiction powers, public notaries, court executors, public administration bodies and institutions and other legal persons as well;
  • drafting of legal acts, attestation of identity and date of documents submitted for identification;
  • assisting and representing interested physical or legal persons in front of other public authorities, with the possibility of attestation the identity of the parts, the content and the date of the signed documents;
  • defending and representation with specific legal means the rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities in their relations with public authorities, institutions and any other Romanian or foreign person;
  • mediation activities.