Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Justice is virtues crowned glory”

Civil Law and Family Law

  • assistance and representation in disputes of any nature;
  • legal advice on the application of civil law;
  • consultancy and assistance in the development of real estate transactions, check the truthfulness and solidity of titles of property, possible disassemblies within ownership, or real estate imposed warranties (mortgage, servitude);
  • assistance and representation in civil disputes having as object real estate matters (land or construction claiming), as well as boundary actions, adverse position, joint possessions issues;
  • inheritances, successions and division;
  • editing and modification, negotiation and termination of civil contracts;
  • appeal to run;
  • offenses;
  • owners associations and foundations;
  • divorce and marriage annulment;
  • tutoring minors;
  • establishment, increase, reduction alimony decision;
  • underage children residence decision;
  • paternity decision;
  • termination as foster care children;
  • tutoring, curatorship;
  • adoptions;
  • sharing commonly acquired and common goods sharing;
  • assistance and representation in front of public notaries and court executors;
  • legalizing and putting in execution of court orders decisions;
  • certification of content, date and identity of the parties signatories of a document

Commercial law

  • insolvency procedure;
  • foundation of companies, associations and foundations;
  • setting up branches and points of work;
  • withdrawal or exclusion of associates, conflicts between associates, shareholders and trading partners;
  • company dissolution or absorption;
  • commercial competition;
  • debt recovery, appended investments;
  • claims of payment;
  • assistance with performing in front of any degree competent to solve commercial disputes.

Labor law

  • assistance and legal advice on various aspects of work contractual relations;
  • editing work contracts;
  • responding to the retirement decision or sanction will;
  • negotiating special clauses of contracts for work;
  • assistance and legal representation in labor conflicts both individually and collectively.

Criminal law

  • legal assistance in front of criminal research bodies and of the Court;
  • court rehabilitation;
  • theft, fraud, embezzlement, blah or fraudulent discharge;
  • economic crimes;
  • traffic accidents cause due to driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs.

Intellectual property law

  • disputes about patents, commercial brands, copyright permission, unfair competition and other matters of this kind;
  • performing all necessary formalities for registration of trademarks and inventions at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.

Although not so common, legal problems may occur in numerous other branches of law such as: Tax Law, International Law, Community Law, Aero-spacial Law, Naval Law, Archives Law. The Cabinet will perform all the necessary due diligence in order to solve all the cases as fast and efficient as possible.